The Movement Called EdXcellence

After all, the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers & the culture that built them.

Everyone is concerned about what doctors do in their surgeries. How many of us are concerned about what teachers do in the classroom or what is happening to the research that tells what is best practice in the classroom?

Yes, what doctors get up to is a matter of life and death but what happens in the classroom can determine whether a student makes a success of their lives or fails to meet their potential. And a country has a future or not.

EdXcellence: A Movement Driven by the End-users of the Educational System


“I had six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew. Their names were: Where, What, When, Why, How and Who.”

— Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) British writer.

EdXcellence is NOT just the abbreviation of ‘Education’ and ‘Excellence’. There is a fire behind this abbreviation

Yes, a fire that got set in the hearts of a 52 member team of Global professionals, who regularly take job interviews and make career decisions of over half million qualified professionals - the product of the present day education system. A fire that got set by the first hand realisation of the sad and often brutal inadequacies of the education system. A fire that has the quest to analyse the problems, discover the root causes and invent sustainable solutions, that are convincing and actionable.

The tragedy is that no one is ready to intervene - especially those who get paid to do that job - due to various vested interests. That is the reason, we, a group of 52 professionals work with various global organisations, decided to step in - to develop sustainable solutions that will transform ordinary teachers into extra-ordinary teachers who deliver splendid teaching!

From our experience of conducting over 140,000 interviews and interacting with hundreds of professional institutions of all types, and closely investigating the professional as well as professional growth they achieved during their stay at these institutions, we have identified the following activities as EdXcellence Mission.

It seems logical that if we are going to improve the outcomes of the educational enterprise—that is, improve learning—  and to save the country from social, intellectual and economical catastrophe, we have to intervene directly in daily classroom instruction.

End-users know the products better - its benefits and ill effects, pros and cons. Most global organisations thrived on the “Voice of the Customer” and many a great products have been created by the customer participation. Education cannot be an exception.

1. Creation of Culture, Systems & Processes

2. Creating the Curricula that Engage and Immerse

3. Ensure Teachers Communicate so that Learning Happens

Children learn what they live - therefore, we must create culture.

Culture of an institution cannot be people dependent. It should be systemic. In should be inherent in whatever the institution does. Therefore, systems & procedures.

An organization's purpose and goals set the direction. Measures focus the energy on the outcomes. Processes create habits, and habits drive the culture.

The curriculum is the heart of a student's school/college experience. The curriculum is an institution’s primary means of changing students in directions valued by the institution’s vision.

It a not smart idea to gamble reputation by fully depending on old bureaucratic ‘state-board’ syllabuses.

In order to improve student achievement, a quality curriculum will require frequent changes.

Education is largely a product of the relationship between a student and the teacher. For a student, teacher is the school.

A school will never be better than its faculty and the learning environment never better than the teacher creating it.

Teachers’ communication abilities can make or break an educational institution. All investments in infrastructure can become meaningless.

A. Three Pressing Needs

1. Personal Excellence

2. Professional Excellence

3. Language Excellence

The ability to clearly present ideas, and ability to organize classroom activities.

Enthusiasm, defined in terms of the teacher's movement, voice inflection.

Eliciting, Generating and usage of student ideas.

Inspire and encourage students to develop and learn, to be innovative, and to embrace meaningful change.

Develop strategies for implementing learning processes based on the students’ needs.

Select, gather, analyse the data and information to track student progress.

Naturally speak without grammar mistakes, using the correct words, and terminologies.

Must be able to tell stories, anecdotes, and apt quotations to inspire and engage students.

Demonstrate acceptable body-language even while engaged in trying situations.

B. Three Approaches to Address the Above Pressing Needs

1. Teacher Communication Excellence Programs

2. Consultation on Institutional Culture & Systems

3. Consultation on Curricula Creation

Convince teachers about the need for improvement through scientific processes like Simulators.

Develop “superlative” interaction skills (verbal/non-verbal) to handle any classroom situations on the spot.

It also compensate for the lost time of not doing any extra-reading earlier.

EdXcellence’s team of experts help fine-tune vision, mission, core values and underlying concepts.

We develop the complete systems and procedures on which the institution needs to operate.

We train everyone in the institution how to integrate vision, mission & value systems with systems and procedures.

Developing a philosophy, clear purposes & goals, and theoretically sound processes.

Develop a rational sequence, Continuous assessment & improvement, High quality academic advising.

Define curricular outcomes: Direction for continuous monitoring, guard against grade inflation etc.

C. What Do We at EdXcellence Do?

Develop “Interactive Influence” by infusing influential language skills - to engage and inspire.

Task orientation or businesslike teacher behaviours, structured routines, and an academic focus.

Living the core values and concepts of the institution and profession.

Must be able to ask incisive questions that inspire learning.

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