Remember This!

No matter how many computers, tablets or LCD projectors we buy, the teacher is still the catalyst that makes the process work.

Education is largely a product of the relationship between a student and the teacher. When one talks about “education” or “school” it is not so much a place as it is a relationship, and that relationship is created primarily by the teacher.

New York Times acclaimed author Malcolm Gladstone said, “When you speak, your words echo across the room. But, but when you teach your words echo across the ages. Henry Adams, who was the grandson and great-grandson of presidents said, “A teacher affects eternity. No one can tell where the teacher’s influence stops.”

A school will never be better than its faculty and the learning environment never better than the teacher creating it. No amount of resources, equipment or physical plant can compensate for a weak teaching staff.

Therefore, teachers’ communication abilities can make or break an educational institution. All investments in infrastructure can become meaningless if the teacher doesn’t have likeability, credibility, doesn’t demonstrate sincerity, passion, and persuasiveness, and is not easily approachable.

All the above factors are the result of teachers’ ability to speak. Or, the teachers’ Interactive Influence.  

EdXcellence has developed EdXcellence Teacher Communication Development System to ensure teacher communication.

Remember this: “To a student, the teacher is the school”.

Remember this: To a student, teaching is speaking and speaking is teaching.

How Does EdXcellence Help?

Convince teachers about the need for improvement through scientific processes like Simulators.

Develop “superlative” interaction skills (verbal/non-verbal) to handle any classroom situations on the spot.

Develop “Interactive Influence” by infusing influential language skills - to engage and inspire.