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Why do Traditional Programs


How does EdXcellence programs ensure success?

First of all, the teacher must get convinced that enhancing communication is a ‘crucial need’.

Most teachers don’t know what they don’t know. And, traditional programs don’t help them realise their shortcomings and don’t establish a “Compelling Need”.

EdXcellence puts the teacher for realistic impromptu response situations in Teacher Communication Simulator. It exposes the teachers’ short comings in a convincing manner. This ensures whole-hearted participation of the teacher.

The teacher must get confidence that the program is the solution to overcome his/her shortcomings.

In traditional programs, teachers don’t see any success in the earlier participants. Therefore, they ignore the program and the whole program reduce to a ‘ritual’.

From the very first hour teacher participants experience the difference. It is from the approach, expectations, need of personal engagement and the modern tools used.

The teacher must get convinced that the content has a direct implication on his/her day to day work.

Traditional programs have old, worn-out contents, power-point slides and YouTube videos. It is seen as another lecture.

EdXcellence program has contemporary updated content, that help teachers enjoy likeability, credibility and command respect in front of their students. Program makes teachers DO. Not just attend lecture.

The teacher must get convinced that the program output is confidential and is efficient.

Traditional programs have only lectures and presentations. There is nothing much a participant to do. No consequence.

EdXcellence programs are customisable. Each teacher gets a learning path based on his/her requirements - and one-on-one. This increases the confidence, retain motivation and boost the efficiency of learning.

The teacher must get convinced that the skills acquired are real and are sustainable.

Traditional programs don’t touch most crucial topics. They again teach how to teach, but not teaching.

EdXcellence programs are business-like and to the point. It focuses at what students and parents look at a teacher: Real teaching that builds Credibility, Sincerity, Passion, Persuasiveness etc.

The teacher must get confidence that he/she has the ability to complete it successfully.

Most participants consider these programs as rituals and look for the early completion date so that they can leave the programs!

The high level of engagement, ensures whole-hearted participation. And that shows in results. Teachers look for contextual actionable feedback, so that they can strive for continuous improvement.

Why Do Traditional Teacher Communication Training Programs Fail?