Language Excellence

Many a teacher ruin their credibility and career due to poor command over language.

Surveys say, among many other points of language excellence, teachers must give attention to the following three points:


“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron.”

—- Horace Mann (1796-1859) U.S. educator.

1. Superb Presenters:: Such teachers have the ability to clearly present ideas, and ability to organize classroom activities. They make any boring subject, lively with right analogies, anecdotes and examples. These teachers quote and present from a variety of sources, through different media. They engage and inspire their students every time.  

2. Precision Communicators: They area role models for English communication. They never stress on grammar but always speak the right grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. Attending their classes make the student not only an expert in the subject, but also in the overall communication excellence.

3. Professional body-language : 93% of communication is non-verbal. And these teachers are aware of that. They make use of body-language to communicate to the class and the calss realise this very well. They can communicate across the classroom without talking a word and disturbing any ongoing activity. They know the ill effects of poor body-language and are very conscious about it.

How does EdXcellence Teacher Communication Development System address this problem?


What do teachers need?

How is it achieved?


Teachers must naturally speak without grammar mistakes, using the correct words, and terminologies.

EdXcellence Teacher Communication Simulator identifies the teachers’ language weak points and creates customised learning path.


Teachers must be able to tell stories, anecdotes, and apt quotations to inspire and engage students.

Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom” is a program integrated with EdXcellence program. It has  thousands of  apt stories, anecdotes and quotations. It compensates for not reading books earlier.


Teachers must use right grammar rules while talking and writing.

EdXcellence program has over 300 interactive tests - in listening, reading, writing and speaking. It ensures that teacher become excellent in language skills.


Teachers must use right English sentences, as a second nature, in the class.

Over 514 lessons are integrated into this program and are customisable. This ensures that teachers ingrain English language skills quickly.


Teachers must demonstrate acceptable body-language even while engaged in trying situations.

EdXcellence program records the teacher’s body-language when he/she engages in random, rapid interactions on our simulator. This could be analysed and fine-tuned.

Research has shown that teacher’s talk dominates 70% to 95% of classroom talk. Therefore, it should be the kind of talk that makes for comprehensible (not comprehensive) input, the kind that enhances (not controls) learning, and the kind that engages (not disengages) learners.

Comprehensible input from the teacher means that the teacher’s talk is not going over the heads of the students. And it should not drive the students away from the subject. It should not make the students dislike the teacher. It means starting at where the students are (could be ground zero for some) and working one’s way to building a schema that is meaningful for and representative of the class.  This is in direct opposition to a comprehensive talk where the teacher wants to finish the curriculum and is moving at ultra-fast speed, leaving the learners far behind.

The kind of teacher’s input that enhances learning would be one where the teacher questions, queries, challenges and displaces the learners’ pre-conceived knowledge of the subject and places them in a position whereby they are forced to think critically and commit themselves to the rigour of searching for and arriving at their own answers. Ironically, the concept of ‘silence’ could be essential here; being silent over a certain issue and not imposing his/her views, the teacher could be inculcating a culture of independent learning.

Teacher’s talk that engages the learner’s attention are the ones that allow learners to interrupt, comment, ask for clarification, and so on.  Hence, a teacher’s talk is more than mere input from the teacher alone; it is also the distinct art of eliciting open-ended responses from the students, of getting them to talk so that comprehension can be checked and understanding of the subject assessed.

Research has shown that teacher’s talk has a recurring IRF pattern and it is in the F-strand (Nassaji and Wells, 2000) that teachers can exercise the kind of talk that will not only instruct but enhance, engage and expand the students’ space of learning (Tsui 2004).  All in all, it is logical to conclude that a teacher’s talk is of paramount importance since a teacher’s voice is his/her essential realia – an extension of his/her authenticity as a knowledge expert wanting to share, his/her humanity as a communicative being wanting to relate and his/her role as a learner wanting to learn meaningfully in the classroom context.

EdXcellence Teacher Communication Development System is the Sure-Fire Way to Build Interactive Influence.

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