4. success in encouraging students’ sense of inquiry and understanding of a subject through discovery-based learning

5. active engagement with students’ learning progress and accessibility to students

6. promotion of academic integrity and adherence to grading standards of the division and, as appropriate, the ethical standards of profession

1. success in stimulating and challenging students and promoting their intellectual and scholarly development

2. strong communication skills

3. success in developing students’ mastery of a subject and of the latest developments in the field

7. creation of opportunities which involve students in the research process

8. creation of supervisory conditions conducive to a student’s research, intellectual growth and academic progress.

1. Teaching materials (eg. examples of enquiry based assignments and resulting student work). 2. Inclusion of goals and strategies related to enquiry-and discovery-based learning in narrative statements.

1. Teaching goals and strategies related to active and student-centred learning. 2. Responses to relevant questions on course evaluations.

1. Teaching materials (eg. statements and policies on syllabi about avoiding plagiarism. 2. Grading and assessment examples and strategies 3. Professional development activities (eg. seminars or workshops on ethical teaching.)

1. Responses to relevant questions on course evaluations. 2. Inclusion of teaching beliefs and strategies related to student development and learning goals in narrative statements.

1. Relevant questions on student and peer evaluations. 2. Guest lecturing and other invited teaching activities.

1. Teaching materials (eg. Syllabi include up-to-date readings and topics) 2. Examples of student success in narrative statements (eg. undergraduate students who significantly improved their academic performance.)

1. Teaching experience (eg. the development of or participation in research-oriented courses) 2. Teaching materials (eg. research based or experiential assignments)

1. Examples and strategies for graduate teaching and research in narrative statements. 2. Graduate teaching materials 3. examples of graduate student successes.

It is the demonstration of…

And the evidence is seen through…

What is Teaching Competence?  How to look for its evidence?