4. significant contribution to the technological enrichment of teaching. (Eg. through the development of effective new technology/ new media)

5. publication of innovative textbooks and/or teaching guides

6. development of significant new courses and/or reform of curricula

1. superlative teaching skills

2. creative educational leadership

3. successful innovations in the teaching domain, including the creation of new and innovative teaching processes, materials and forms of evaluation

7. development of innovative/creative ways to promote students’ involvement in the research process and help them learn through discovery-based methods

8. significant contribution to pedagogical changes in a discipline

1. Teaching materials and strategies that incorporate the sue of technology, 2. Grants for the development of/use of educational technology.

1. Examples of textbooks or guides and reviews 2. Examples of the use of teaching materials in instructors's or other's courses.

1. Teaching experience with research-based courses. 2. Teaching materials (research-based assignments) 3. Professional development activities.

1. Student and peer evaluations with sustained high ratings in multiple types and levels of courses.

1. Teaching experience (eg. as a course coordinator) 2. Professional development activities (eg. seminars/workshops on teaching institution-wide).

1. Teaching materials (eg. descriptions of new courses and assignments) 2. descriptions of the effect of experimenting with new teaching techniques on student learning 3. Grants for teaching.

1. Teaching experience with research-based courses. 2. Teaching materials (research-based) 3. Description of teaching strategies that incorporate inquiry-based learning.

1. Peer evaluation attesting to contributions to curriculum, courses, or teaching approaches, 2. Professional development activities, 3. Teaching materials that demonstrate pedagogical innovation.

Its is the demonstration of …

And the evidence is seen through…

What is Teaching Excellence?  How to look for its evidence?