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Teacher Communication Simulation: Using Face-to-Face (Video) Interactions

Teacher Communicator Development System Consists of Three Steps:

1. Teacher communication simulation software (for video).

Teacher communication development software system includes:

These screen shots are ONLY for the Face-to-face Interaction through video of Step-2. For other steps refer to respective screen shot links.

Key Information

3. Review/Feedback module.

2. Teacher communication software (for accented audio).

5. Interactive Tests.

4. Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom.

Step 2. Interaction Practice through Face-to-face Video & Audio. Language enhancement through ‘Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom’.

Step 1. Boot camp: Classroom session for all participants.

Step 3. Ingraining sessions. Ensuring “interactive Influence’.

Screen shots on the right are ONLY for Teacher communication simulation software (for Face-to-Face Video).