Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom

In THREE ways, you can gain maximum benefit from this program.

1. Following the personalised learning path created by EdXcellence experts after evaluating your video/audio interaction sessions.

2.  By using the ‘Customisation’ Feature (using Intellia Software) of  Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom.

3.  Following the Default Learning Path developed by the creators of the program.

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Why Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom?

The times have gone for teachers to control and engage the class with their subject knowledge alone.

Now they need to be real performers.

Simple tenses to vocabulary builder. Spoken & Written.

Inviting content: For 700 hours of learning (customisable)

A stitch in time can save nine. A right word in right time can do miracles in your classroom! Therefore, brush-up, spice-up and enhance your language skills through the funniest, cleverest, and most insightful stories, quotations & anecdotes on various topics of your and your students interest.

Other features include:

Feature rich: Over 6400 audio sessions (in UK / US accents)

Customisable: Identifies and corrects your shortcomings quickly.

Developed by a team of Global professionals.

Over 28,000 example sentences, Over 3200 illustrations, Over 300 tests.